Threading hair removal gets rid of the finest and smallest hair with ease, and does not leave the area red or swollen like waxing does. It works by using a cotton thread to pull unwanted hair in a twisting motion, and lifts hair right from the follicle.

Waxing ,Tweezing Threading
1. Tends to burn, peel and irritate the skin, especially if you are allergic to any ingredients in wax. No burning or peeling involved.
2. Cannot get a defined shape or arch. Threading allows for the sharpest eyebrows with form, arch and definition.
3. Hair grows back thicker and faster. Hair grows back thinner and slower. Also hair grows back extremely fine and becomes finer with each threading.
4. Tweezing increases the chances of ingrown hair. Threading can help pull out specific individual hair, therefore prevents formation of ingrown hair.
5. Repeated waxing increases the chances of wrinkles near brows. Threading is a safer option as it has little or no contact with skin